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ZAMBIA – COVID-19 Emergency

The National incidence of Covid 19 cases remain low, however the risk of a new wave of infections remains high. Contributing factors would include the low vaccination rate, poor compliance to public health and social measures and more easily transmissible new variants.

The following basic rules must always be adhered to:

Frequent washing of hands with soap and water or alcohol based disinfectant

Social distancing of at least 1 meter

Use of face masks in closed or crowded spaces

Avoidance of crowded spaces

Immediately report to the Health authorities the insurgence of any Covid-related symptoms

The new guidelines allow the opening of churches and places of worship for 1 hour for a maximum of 3 times a week. Markets and trading places, public transport and restaurants will continue with normal working arrangements, strictly observing the 5 golden rules and disinfection of public premises. Bars, taverns, casinos and night clubs will be limited to opening 4 times a week between 6:00 and 8:00 pm.

As of Monday 1 April 2022, fully vaccinated traverlers do not require any form of negative Covid test results to enter or to leave the country. However, it shall be required to provide proof of a full vaccination status. Persons not fully vaccinated must show proof of a Covid-19 PCR collected within 72 hours before departures from the country of origin.

Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda international airport as well as Ndola and Livingstone are operational for national and international flights, however, services to and from Zambia by the airlines may be subject to changes and cancellations even at short notice. It is therefore highly recommended that passengers stay in contact with the airlines for the necessary updates.

It is recommended to check with your airline which are the  specific rules and/or to the validity times of the negative test as they can vary not only according to the destination, but also according to the transits to be made along the route and may be subject to changes and updates even with very short notice.

The general measures of wearing masks in all public places, adhering to hand hygiene, observing social distancing, avoid crowding and reporting immediately to the health authorities at the insurgence of symptoms, also apply to foreign Nationals in Zambia.

All land borders remain open and it is advisable to obtain a Visa before entering through on-line applications or at the nearest Embassy of Zambia.

Zambian authorities have established the following contact numbers for information and clarifications as well as reporting of suspected Covid-19 cases: +26 0953898941 / 0964638726 / 0974493553 and toll free 909.

Passengers travelling to Italy are advised to check the special section on Coronavirus on this website as well as on the Coronavirus section available through web-site and Travellers to Italy should also be aware of procedures on:

  • Passenger Locator Form available through
  • transfers from the airport in Italy to the final destination
  • quarantine/self isolation applicable rules