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EU Ambassadors’s Delegation visiting the Eastern Province and Malawi (4-6/10/2018)

By initiative of the Embassy of Italy in Zambia, the EU Ambassadors residing in Lusaka (delegation formed by: European Union, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden and the Czech Republic), accompanied by their respective spouses, visited the Eastern Province with a structured program of activities aimed at giving visibility to Europe, and acquiring a better perception of the numerous and significant initiatives that EU and the member countries play for development and for the resident population (the most visible of which was the reconstruction of over 200 KM of road with European funding and AFD).

The delegation was received by the President emeritus of the Republic, Rupiah Banda, who continues to be the most significant and popular political personality of that region of Zambia, as well as by the highest civil and religious local authorities, the delegation visited two cooperation programs and organized a convivial meeting with local authorities and with the European civil society operating in the area.

The results of the visit include the following:
· Launch of the “plant a million” program for reforestation and awareness activities for the new generations, through schools, and announcement of European funding for the homonymous non-profit organization.
· Strong public position by the President emeritus in favor of the role of the diplomatic corps.
· Visit and support for projects promoted by single countries including the Mary Meals program, the Twinning between Chipata, capital of the Province, with a Swedish city, the activities of the Comaco company that promotes organic and sustainable agriculture.
· Meeting with the Bishop of the Province, George Lungu, and primate of Zambia.
· Sensitization of partner countries on the opportunities and needs of development of the Province.
· Full involvement of Italian civil society (Fathers Comboniani, NGO Acra and the local non-profit organization AVM by Marco Sardella, the Benedictine Sisters) resident in Chipata.
· Visit to the Bizzaro family farm with presentation of innovative agricultural initiatives (macadamia nuts and bergamot).

In the final phase the visit continued in the neighboring Malawi where the accredited Ambassadors took part in a community meeting organized by the local European Ambassador, followed by a convivial meeting with all the other Heads of Mission extended to their fellow residents and honorary consuls.