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IZSAM Delegation in Zambia (5-7 March 2018)

From 5 to 7 March 2018 a delegation of the IZSAM composed of Dr. Pomilio, Dr. Vitelli and Dr. Scacchia went to Zambia.
Objectives of the visit:
1. Bovine Registry in Zambia; define the activities to be carried out in 2018 by the Veterinary Services of the African country and the IZSAM;
2. Food hygiene; discuss and plan the drafting of a research project in the field of food hygiene, presented as ERFAN and of regional relevance / SADC;
3. Animal Health; to define the research activities concerning Diseases transmitted by vectors and PPCB.
Veterinary Service Representatives met:
Permanent Secretary (PS) dr Shamulegwe, deputy CVO dr Kabilika, Director of the Central Veterinary Research Institute (CVRI) dr Fandamu, Deputy Director CVRI dr Muuka, coordinator of the Bovine Registry Office Dr. Clive.
Summary of what has been discussed and decided:
1. Bovine Registry in Zambia; were also defined with the participation of the PS and the performing CVO, the activities to be carried out in 2018 by the Veterinary Services of the African country coordinated by Dr. Clive and by the IZSAM coordinated by Dr. Vitelli;
2. Food hygiene; The presence of Dr. Pomilio allowed to discuss and plan with the Department of Food Hygiene of the CVRI, the drafting of a research project that will have regional relevance and will be presented to the working group of the ERFAN.
Furthermore, the activities to be carried out by dr Ziba within the research doctorate carried out in collaboration with the Teramo Biotechnology Faculty have been planned;
3. Animal Health; BT or WND or vector-borne diseases, it was expressed by the colleagues of the CVRI the desire to activate in the near future an OIE twinning project.
PPCB, Dr. Muuka will produce two project hypotheses to be proposed to the ERPAN CBPP working group, the network of African institutions created by the IZSAM.
In Zambia there was the opportunity to meet HE the Ambassador of Italy in Lusaka His Excellency Filippo Scammacca. The Ambassador expressed interest and appreciation for what was done by the IZSAM in Zambia thanks to the long collaboration between CVRI and IZSAM. During the dinner organized at the Ambassador’s residence, which was attended by the undersecretary, the deputy CVO dr Kabilika, dr Muuka for the CVRI and Dr Clive for activities related to the Registry and the delegation of the IZSAM, it was discussed future collaborations and the support role that the Italian Embassy could play in this area.