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Financing and Investments


Financing and  Investments


Financing development and promotion of Italian enterprises abroad 

·        firm in which the Italian government holds a 76% share, and which includes the participation of banks, enterprises and business and trade associations;  

·        promotes and supports the activities abroad of all Italian companies, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, including commercial, artisan and tourism-related ones, as well as cooperatives, consortiums and other economic bodies, by means of two principle channels of activity: support for trade exchanges and support for investments abroad;  

·        supplies assistance and consulting throughout all the phases of the launch and realisation of foreign investment;  

·        supplies financial support for the investments of Italian enterprises abroad through the direct administration of incentives and concessions;  

·        the participation of SIMEST in the capital of foreign enterprises allows new undertakings to share potential risks with an institutional partner that invests its own capital and makes available its extensive foreign market experience based on its participation in hundreds of projects all over the world;  

·        administrates the venture capital funds of the Ministry of Productive Activities;  

·        distributes interest on financing granted to Italian exporters;  

·        finances expenditures earmarked for the creation of permanent commercial facilities;  

·        distributes funding for feasibility studies and technical assistance;  

·        underwrites the costs of international tenders;