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* When submitting a self-certification form is mandatory to enclose a copy of ID

What is Self-Certification?

A statement written and signed by the person concerned regarding his/her personal status and data to be used in relations with the public administration and agencies and providers of public services.

Using a self-certification in relations with a private person is up to one's own discretion. These statements can be replaced by normal and notary certificates.

Indeed, an important simplification of public administrative procedures was achieved with the effective enforcement of Presidential Decree of  28 dicembre 2000 no. 445,  making them much more efficient and transparent.


Law. no. 183 of 12 December 2011: Certificates to be submitted to offices of the Public Administration are now abolished and shall be replaced by declarations in lieu of certiticates.

The new provisions in matters concerning certificates and declarations in lieu of certiticates, as per art. 15 of Law no. 183 of 12 November 2011, came into force on 1st January 2012. From that date the certificates shall be valid only between the citizens and private bodies, whereas offices of the Public Administration can no longer request or accept certificates, which shall be replaced by self-certificates.

From the same date, under penalty of being rendered null and void, on any such certificates issued at the request of private bodies the following wording shall be added: "This certificate cannot be produced to bodies of the Public Administration or private providers of public services".

The offices of the Public Administration shall be responsible to carry out the relevant checks to ascertain the truthfulness of the statements made in the self-certificates.