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Italian Non Governmental Organizations active in Zambia:

Africa Call
Established in 2007, as the counterpart of the Italian Ngo “L’Africa Chiama, Africa Call dedicates much of its work towards programmes in favour of persons with disabilities. In the Kanyama compound (outside Lusaka) it runs the Shalom Community School (grade one to twelve) providing education to over 900 students, amongst which many with disabilities; it also runs a clinic specialized in mother-infant treatment and a rehabilitation centre for the whole community. Africa Call also works with the Association of Pope John XXIII in Ndola in a programme involving nutrition and street kids’ rehabilitation. Africa Call’s mission is to offer services and support to the most vulnerable persons of society by promoting the development of community solidarity.
Contact: Stefania Lagonigro
Email :

Since the year 200 Amani ONG gives support to the Koinonia community and the Mthunzi Centre for former street kids in Lusaka West. About 300 children have grown up in the centre thanks to the care of local staff and over 100 more children have joined. Education and health programmes are also promoted as well as vocational training courses (amongst which IT) for the families and communities of the area. A library, a secondary school and an agricultural school will open soon.
Contact: Giacomo D’Amelio

Association of Volunteer Missionaries
Association of Volunteer Missionaries built a primary school in Magazine compound, Chipata, in 2006, providing education to 300 orphans and vulnerable children. The school also provides a daily meal for the children.
Contact: Marco Sardella

Associazione Papa Giovanni XXIII
Since its first establishment in Zambia in 1985, the Association Pope John XXIII has been playing an important role in the Copperbelt, particularly Ndola and Kitwe, in promoting initiatives in favour of children, orphans, children with disabilities and the underprivileged in general. These include family homes, training and educational support, nutritional centres and youth centre. Amongst the Association’s self-sustainable long-term projects is the Gigibonta` ice-cream.
Contact: Gloria Gozza e Stefano Maradini (
(For Gigibonta` Icecram Giulia  Praolini )

CARITA` SENZA CONFINI (Repubblica di San Marino e Italia)
The latest NGO to register in Zambia (1st October 2015) Carita` Senza Confini organize long distance adoption for 500 children and run a nutritional and an educational centre. To self-sustain their activities they opened a bakery in Lusaka to sells baked goods on the market and distribute it to the poor people.
President: Rita Berardi
Director “San Marino Bakery” Marianna Lunardoni

CELIM has been operating in Zambia since 1982, in cooperation with the Diocese of Milan and the Italian Bishops' Conference. It has decades of historical activities active in various development programmes in areas such as primary education (Siavonga district), agriculture and professional centers linked to economically sustainable projects such as Livingstone's "Olga's Corner" lodge/restaurant (which contributes to the financing of training activities).
CELIM currently works with a project on biodiversity that promote the protection of the environment (green economy) and economic development in the District of Mongu focusing training activities on sustainable farming methods, nutrition and environmental awareness and the promotion of organic products to reduce forest cutting for coal production and the use of firewood. It started a pilot production of briquettes with agricultural waste for the energy self-sufficiency of the beneficiaries involved (renewable energies).
CELIM is active with a large EU-funded project on the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners with short convictions with literacy programmes, vocational courses and reintegration support; The overall goal is to contribute to inclusive sustainable growth for 1452 people who will be released into 7 facilities in 3 years, in the districts of Mongu, Kaoma, Senanga, Kalabo, Mumbwa and Mazabuka.
From 2018 CELIM operates with a project that addresses the problems of people with disabilities in all different interconnected aspects of their lives: mobility, education, work, health/physiotherapy thanks to provision of means for mobility: 2 buses, wheelchairs, physiotherapy equipment and supporting families with training for teachers, parents, assistants, nurses and physiotherapists on diagnosis and management of different types of disabilities (autism, epilepsy, first aid, position and mobility).
Contact: Gianclaudio Bizzotto
Email :


Comunita` di Sant’Egidio
Sant’Egidio is a well known NGO with a specific commitment for peace, dialogue between culture and religion as well as assistance and solidarity to the poor and marginalized. It has recently arrived in  Zambia and established communities in Chipata, Lusaka and other locations. Comunita` Sant’Egidio works closely with the Italian Episcopal Conference and the Catholic Church for an ecumenical dialogue embracing other religions.
Contact: Chembe Banda

CrescereInsieme Onlus – Twafane Association  
The Twafane Association, established in 2003, operates in the Copperbelt Province through an integrated social and health programme called Mayo-Mwana Project (mother-child), through nutritional, training and social initiatives (family homes) and agricultural programmes. Funding for the projects come from private citizens (through parishes) and public institutions from Regione Veneto through the NGO Crescere Insieme of Verona.
Contact: Cristina Fazzi

In & Out of the Ghetto
The ONG, which was launched in Bauleni Compound in June 2012, runs a series of initiatives aimed at improving the social conditions of the inhabitants of the compound through educational activities, self-esteem boosting programs, assistance to the most vulnerable persons, arts and theatre and a hostel.
Contact: Diego Cassinelli  email

Missionary Group of Solidarity - We For Zambia      
Missionary Group of Solidarity – We For Zambia started its work in Luanshya in 2000 in providing education (from nursery to secondary level for over 2000 children), as well as health and social assistance. It runs a nutritional centre for about 200/250 children and distributes, on a monthly basis, food hampers to about 400 families in five compounds.
Contact: Maria Pia Ruggeri
Email :

Sport2Build Zambia
Launched in 2006 in the district of Chilanga, Sport2Build’s vision is to empower underprivileged children and youth with effective tools to enable their psycho-social and physical development through sport. Apart from sporting activities, their initiatives promote health and hygiene, education, vocational training and economic development.
Contact: Matteo Sametti e Giorgia Marchitelli

SVI – International Voluntary Service   (Solwezi)
Since 2006 SVI has been engaged in an integrated development project that aims to improve agricultural sustainable techniques and to encourage the abandon of inadequate techniques, by offering organic and lasting solutions accessible for everyone. This approach draws attention to environmental topics, such as climate change caused also by deforestation and intensive land use. The project also aims to strengthen women's club role in their community as an answer of their lack of involvement in local society.
Contact: Stefano Verzelletti
Email :

Various projects supported by the Italian civil society in Zambia ended with the transfer of the structures and activities to the counterpart after years of work. Noteworthy are:

ACRA and CCS Italia, present in Zambia from 2004 to 2018 in the Chipata District. 33 primary and secondary schools were involved with the aim of increasing school attendance with initiatives to improve the education of girls and boys in rural and remote areas of the district, with EU funding. Great commitment to support disabled children and their families, nutritional centers and activities to improve the living conditions that continue now with private funds.
Chikuni Mission Hospital: founded by the Irish Sisters of Charity, thanks to the decennial dedication of an Italian volunteer doctor, has become a first level hospital, specialized in the prevention of HIV transmission and AIDS treatment.
GuardAvanti-for the future of children: collaborated with Italian Sisters of Charity in Siavonga on launching initiatives in favor of three community schools and in Mongu with the Comboni Sisters in a project against deforestation through initiatives for alternative generating activities with organic agriculture and cultivation , transformation and sale of Moringa.
Liberato Zambia: Since 2001 in collaboration and in support of the social activities of Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi, it has promoted projects for the control and fight against malnutrition.
PAMO Onlus: For many years it has supported the medical and educational services of the local non-profit organization Zambia Helpers Society near Chilanga with the "Lukamantano" school. Pamo built outpatient clinics and school buildings, covering long the running costs. It supported the “Family Home Project” in Luanshya.
Sharing Life: Established in 1992, SL with the support of 3 international Scientific Committees, has developed a new and revolutionary strategy to combat HIV / AIDS that has given rise to the operating model Universal Testing Treatment Teaching Action Campaign. The UTTTAC model, presented at Zambian parliament in 2009, was officially adopted by the government in 2012.
SLOW FOOD: through a collaboration with the Zambia Alliance of Women, the association has started simple activities in order to carry out the "10 thousand Gardens for Africa" initiative and promote typical products, according to the methodology inspired by sustainability and well-being of producers.
VPM - Voices of the People in the World: supported for a few years the "Kafue District Health preventive action - Community-based project on no-communicable-diseases" project in the 18 peripheral dispensaries of the Kafue district and 3 outpatient medical services for the pap-test , cardio-hypertension and diabetes, relevant pathologies on site.

UMMI Union of Italian Missionary Doctors;with extensive health projects in the south of Ndola they supported the Missionary hospital of Mishikishi and many peripheral clinics in nutrition, maternal and child health programs and prevention of Malaria, TB and AIDS, up to the early 2000s.