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MALAWI - COVID-19 Emergency



MALAWI - COVID-19 Emergency

Restrictive measures introduced on 26th November 2021 for travelers to Italy from Malawi and other Southern African Countries have been suspended with immediate effect.

The Malawi authorities have confirmed that the Covid-19 situation in the Country remains at Level 1.

In order to remain on that level, the general preventive measures such as use of masks in public places, frequent washing of hand with soap and water or alcohol based disinfectants and social distancing, remain in place. There are no limitation for workplaces and public transport subject to observance to general preventive measures mentioned above and frequent disinfection of offices and vehicles.

The restriction on number of participants to public events (religious, cultural, political, sport etc) remain in place with the recommendation of presenting proof of valid COVID-19 vaccination certificates and to offer COVID -19 vaccinations at the venue of these events. A night curfew between midnight and 6 am remains in place.

The two international airports remain open, even if with a limited number of flights and access to the terminals still limited to travellers and airport staff. No restriction apply for passengers arriving in Malawi as currently, there are no Countries listed
as high risk.

All passengers arriving into Malawi must:

  1. be in possession of a negative PCR test conducted no more than 72 hours prior to entry. Some airlines require that the Covid test be validated and registerd on the on-line platform which will generate a personal code necessary for boarding procedures or border crossing.
  2. Show a valid Covid 19 full vaccination certificate. Those who should not be in possession of such certificate will be expected to access Covid 19 vaccination at the port of entry. Travellers who refuse to access vaccine offered at point of entry will be required to undergo institutional quarantine for symptoms monitoring for 10 days at their cost

Passengers leaving Malawi must also be in possession of a negative test for Covid 19 carried out 48 hours prior to departure exclusively in one of the authorized centres in Lilongwe and Blantyre. In some cases the covid test will need to be validated and registered on the on-line platform which will generate a personal code necessary for boarding procedures or border crossing.

It is recommended to check with your airline which are the rules relating to the validity times of the negative Covid-test as they can vary not only according to the destination, but also according to the transits to be made along the route and may be subject to
changes and updates even with very short notice.

The Government reserves the right to implement new measures at any given time following National and International developments on the Pandemic. The local authorities have set up the following toll free numbers from mobiles (54747 for Airtel or 929 for MTN) as well as rapid response numbers from the District Health Offices. More information and updates may be found on the Facebook page of the Malawian Government.