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MALAWI - COVID-19 Emergency



MALAWI - COVID-19 Emergency

Following a review of the trend of the disease in the Country and globally, the Malawi Authorities have revoked the previous restrictions on entry for non residents (including travellers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Brasil) and have confirmed the existing preventive and containment measures do reduce the risk of further spread of the virus.

All arriving passengers must be in possession of a negative PCR Covid test conducted no more than 72 hours prior to entry and may be tested on arrival. Asymptomatic passengers are required to self monitor for 14 days and report immediately to the health Authorities should they develop any Covid 19 related symptoms. Passengers presenting symptoms from Covid-19 on arrival will be treated as required by the current guidelines defined by the health authorities. Non residents will be required to pay for test and quarantine costs.

The full list of actions is published on the Ministry of Health site (link). Herewith the points of main interest:

- Anyone found in public by law enforcement authorities without wearing a mask will be fined.
- All drinking places must close according to their licensed hours but no later than midnight. The same applies to all places of business and will be strictly enforced
- All buildings used by the public must be disinfected no less than once a week and fitted with handwashing facilities

The two international airports remain open, even if with a limited number of flights. Access to the terminals will only be allowed to travelers and airport staff.

Passengers leaving Malawi must also be in possession of a negative test for Covid 19 carried out 48 hours prior to departure. These tests, carried out in the designated centres, are subject to payment at different rates for Malawian citizens and foreign nationals and will be carried out only after receipt of payment has been submitted. Passengers who present symptoms from Covid-19 on departure will also be treated as required by the current guidelines defined by the health authorities.

The Government reserves the right to implement new measures at any given time following National and International developments on the Pandemic.

The local authorities have set up the following toll free numbers from mobiles (54747 for Airtel or 929 for MTN) as well as rapid response numbers from the District Health Offices

More information and updates are found on the Facebook page of the Malawian Government