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The Ambassador


The Ambassador

Italy has contributed to the development of Zambia since 1955 when the first Italians arrived in this country for the construction of the famous Kariba Dam, the greatest feat of engineering in Africa at the time. Many of them have stayed. Others have joined them since, forming a vibrant and successful community, which is fully integrated into Zambian society.

The Italian community in Malawi has even older traditions, as it dates back to the aftermath of the First World War. Its contribution to the development of that nation has been extraordinary, especially in the field of agriculture. Today, the Italians of Malawi are an important pillar of that nation’s society.

The two communities’ pioneering spirit will provide my inspiration as I take up the role of Italy's Ambassador to Zambia and Malawi.

I am proud to represent Italy, a nation that is famous for its genius in art and its excellence in technological innovation as well as for its inclusive and cooperative approach to international relations.

As an Embassy, we will strive to strengthen the existing, excellent relations between Italy and Zambia, as well as Italy and Malawi, both from a political and an economic point of view. In order to do so, we will support the business community and promote cultural exchange between Italian and local artists, in cooperation with the Italian Zambian Cultural Centre, the Italian School of Lusaka and the Dante Alighieri Society of Lusaka.

We will also support the many Italian religious and civilian volunteers who have chosen to live and work in the two countries. Their daily commitment makes a difference in the lives of many disadvantaged Zambians and Malawians through various development cooperation projects.

I hope that you will find our website useful and informative, but please do not hesitate to contact us for questions, comments and suggestions.

Enrico De Agostini

Ambassador of Italy to Zambia, Malawi and Special Representative to COMESA