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Political Cooperation


 Political Cooperation

 geo-political situation



Basic Data:

  • Surface area: 752.614 sq. km; 
  • Capital: Lusaka; 
  • Principal cities: Ndola, Kitwe, Livingstone; 
  • Official name: Republic of Zambia; 
  • Political regime: Multiparty – Presidential Republic; 
  • President: Edgar Chagwa Lungu;
  • Vice President: Inonge Mutukwa Wina;
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry: Joseph Malanji;
  • Last elections: 11th August 2016; 
  • Main political parties: Patriotic Front (PF); United Party for National Development (UPND); Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD); Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD); Alliance for Democracy and Development (FDD); United National Indipendent Party (UNIP)

Population and social indicators:

  • Population: 17.9 million (2019 estimate);
  • Density: 123.73 inhabitants per square Km;
  • Population growth (annual %): 2.9 (World Bank);

  • School enrollment, primary (% gross): 79.8 (World Bank);  

  • Prevalence of HIV, (% of population ages 15-49): 17 (World Bank);

  • Language: English, official language;

  • Religions: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, local animist religions;  

  • Official currency: Zambian Kwacha;

  • Ethnic minorities: 73 ethnical groups.